2020 impacts include 1,744 jobs created or retained

Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UIRA), a non-profit organization providing Utah manufacturers with a single, expert resource to help them improve their bottom line, today announces the publication of the 2020 Economic Impact Report.

The global pandemic affected all businesses throughout the state in dramatic ways, either though unprecedented growth or similarly unprecedented declines in revenue. In response to this global crisis, both state and federal agencies provided funds to be deployed directly to those impacted, or through agencies tasked with delivering specific assistance as a condition for receipt of funds. UIRA received both state and federal funds that have been or continue to be used to support both Utah manufacturing companies and other businesses.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturing has been a significant contributor to the life blood of Utah’s economy. While we have seen a decline in some of Utah’s manufacture segments, others, like those associated with the outdoor recreation industry have experience significant increases in production demand,” said Stephen Reed, Director of USU’s Utah Manufacturing Extension Service. “During these unprecedented times, the Alliance has played a critical role in helping manufacturers return to work safely, while also looking for ways to diversify manufacturing production capabilities. Each member of the UIRA brings a unique skill set and offerings that makes the Alliance stronger together, he said.”

The Impact Analysis for Planning (IMPLAN©) was used to analyze the multiplying effects
(indirect and induced) of UIRA initiatives. Below is a summary of the findings.

Additional impacts and details can be found in the full report at https://bit.ly/3ukEN6z

2020 Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UIRA) Overall Impacts

2020 Total Economic Impacts from the Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UIRA)

2020 Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UIRA) Employment Impacts and Output Impacts (in millions)

2020 Tax Impacts of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UIRA)

About Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (The Alliance)
Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership is the premier source for assessing needs and providing solutions available through public and private resources. The Alliance is part of the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) program. We live and work in communities across the state. Our primary focus is to help Utah’s manufacturers thrive.

As part of the MEP, the Alliance pools the expertise of Impact Utah, Utah State University’s Utah Manufacturing Extension Service and the Manufacturing/Outdoor Products Support Hub, the University of Utah Manufacturing Extension Partnership (UUMEP), the World Trade Center Utah (WTC Utah), the Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA), the Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI), and the Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA). This powerful team provides access to manufacturing specialists, application engineers and research professionals from the top organizations and universities in the state.

For more information about UIRA, visit https://utahira.org/, call (801) 587-0713, or email [email protected].

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