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The Utah-MEP Alliance offerers you a wide range of services to improve your company.

Manufacturer Services

Are you suffering from lower sales than expected? Do you want to increase your sales to maximize your manufacturing capacity? Do you feel your company brand is not well known or you are currently well known in a specific market but would like to expand into new markets? You’ve come to the right place. The Utah-MEP Alliance offers training in beginner to expert sales and marketing training to increase your top line.

Are you looking to Continuously Improve your operations? From the warehouse to the production line, we can help. Utah-MEP Alliance offers motivation and training of team members as well as how to implement the industry’s best processes and procedures to improve your bottom line. Utah-MEP has the answers. Check out our comprehensive list of partner training solutions here.

Have a new product idea and not sure how to bring it to market? Looking to implement new technologies such as automation and robotics into your manufacturing processes? Or, are you just looking to avoid unnecessary waste that can negatively impact your bottom line? Take a look at the Utah-MEP Alliance offerings designed to help you take advantage of opportunities to help your bottom line and increase efficiencies in manufacturing as well as successfully and efficiently bring new products to market.

Are you new to the leadership role? Have you recently promoted employees into leadership positions? Are you looking for additional capital or financial analysis?  Or, are you looking for ways to invest in your teams to improve team performance? If you are looking for business leadership and strategy training, including understanding financials and building high-performance culture you’ve come to the right place. Check out our marketplace with offerings spanning leadership, strategy, and building teams here.

Looking for ways to expand your business but are limited because you lack the training and certifications to bid on those high-value opportunities? Look now further. The Utah-MEP Alliance knows what you need to win those contracts! Check out the exhaustive list of training and certificates you need to expand your business here.

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