Is your organization looking to develop a new product or implement new technology into your manufacturing process? The Utah-MEP alliance technology offerings will get you the help you need. We’ll walk you through the technological advancements of the manufacturing industry so you’ll know exactly which automated services can help your company improve its effectiveness or bring new products to the market.

Advanced Manufacturing Membership Network

Have you joined Utah’s official manufacturing and advanced materials network? UAMMI’s FREE cluster membership program came together through a public-private partnership to align federal resources and programs with existing state and local resources, regional strengths, and economic growth opportunities to build more prosperous small business ecosystems across the United States. Benefits of cluster membership include: mentoring/training, commercialization consulting, capital assistance, government contracting, network building, and much more. Cluster membership is free and open to all advanced material and manufacturing companies, as well as supporting organizations. Each membership begins with a discovery call with UAMMI’s Chief Scientist and corporate support team to find the right programs that will benefit your company. Contact UAMMI to become a cluster member and begin taking advantage of these free services.

Lean Product Development

Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) through Product Design. Even in the leanest production environment, waste is everywhere. It never really goes away. Are you looking for ways to eliminate the seven wastes? Learn how to reduce and even eliminate Defects, Overproduction, Transportation, Waiting, Overprocessing, Motion, and Inventory here.

Organizational Excellence Assessment

Want an inside look at your strengths and weaknesses? Want to know where to start your Continuous Improvement journey? Want a baseline to measure your business progress against? Take the free Operational Excellence Assessment and get a full readout and roadmap.

Robotics and Manufacturing Automation

We live in a fast-paced world of increasing demand, which makes automation important for manufacturers to adopt into their practices. But deciding to use automation can be a tough decision—after all, it’s a significant investment and requires appropriate planning and strategy.

Technology-Driven Market Intelligence (TDMI)

Not sure whether anyone will buy your new product? Thinking that a product you already have could work for another industry? Frustrated finding the market research you need? This workshop, customized for you, will get you the answers you need to these questions and more.

Utah Defense Manufacturing Community Membership

Is your company based in Utah and operating as a manufacturer or manufacturing support provider to the U.S. Defense Department? Utah has been selected as one of six Defense Manufacturing Communities in the nation as part of the Defense Manufacturing Community Support Program (DMCSP) managed by the U.S. Department of Defense. DMCSP is designed to support long-term community investments that strengthen national security innovation and expand the capabilities of the defense industrial ecosystem. The Utah Defense Manufacturing Community (UDMC) is an assembly of Utah’s defense community working to solve our local defense requests and bring the community together for more effective sector operations. Join the UDMC to get information about community events, contract opportunities, and to engage with others members in your community.

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