Does your organization promote its employees into leadership positions? Would you like your leaders to prioritize efficiency and performance for all of your teams? If so, you need Utah-MEP’s leadership training. These courses are designed to help novice and experienced leaders alike improve the performance of their teams. Completion of our training will teach your leaders how to instill lasting change within your organization, inspire their teams toward better performance, and become more financially literate.

Building High-Performance Teams; The Pit Crew Challenge

Searching for a way to strengthen your teams, eliminate wasteful processes and behaviors, and achieve higher performance? The Pit Crew challenge is a high-octane, interactive learning experience and it will improve performance of your teams. They will be a pit crew on a Nascar. Really.

Business Essentials

Are you a start-up inside of an existing company, 15-year start-up or feel a need to turn around your company? This two-day, hands-on workshop will walk you through the marketing, sales, finance, operations, and legal steps you need to take for success.

Change Management: A Model for Understanding & Overcoming Resistance to Change

Struggling to implement change? Your organization needs to change but frustrated finding where to begin? Not gaining buy-in on changes being made? Your workforce is resisting needed changes? Needed changes aren’t being implemented effectively and efficiently?
For most, change is not easy.

Crucial Conversations. Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High

Bring Crucial Conversations to your organization and learn how to handle even the most difficult conversations for better results—including how to disagree with someone in authority, how to say no without making enemies, and how to address issues of diversity and inclusion.

Executive Leadership Retreat

Do you want to get better results faster from yourself and your team? Do you want to take a deep dive into the strategy of your business? Join us in the beautiful mountain setting of Utah to experience this two-day immersion course. This retreat takes you out of your business for two days so you can work on your business. Take a look at the full agenda here.

Executive Leadership Workshop

Do you want to jump start your effectiveness as a new leader? Do you want to get better results faster from yourself and your team? Executive Leaders often struggle to disseminate their vision throughout the fabric of the organization. Most often, strategic efforts fall on deaf ears. Our executive leadership course provides the knowledge you need to define the mission, vision, and values of your organization, translate strategy into objectives and results, drive financial performance, and lead through times of change. Take a look at the full agenda here. Learn more.

Operational Excellence Roadmap

Financial Literacy for Decision Making

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Cash Flow issues can destroy a business faster than most other issues—and can happen even during a period of growth. Learn how to understand your financials and what to target to not only keep you in business, but also to help you safely grow.

Hire & Retain High Performance Team Members

Disengagement is costing $450 billion to $550 billion each year in lost productivity. Are you looking for ways to find, hire, and retain the best talent? This two-day course will take you through tools and techniques to build the best team for your culture and achieve the performance outcomes you want. Check out the details here.

Operational Excellence Assessment

Get new insights about your business. Want an inside look at your strengths and weaknesses? Want to know where to start your Continuous Improvement journey? Want a baseline to measure your business progress against? Take the free Operational Excellence Assessment and get a full readout and roadmap.

RAMP Startup Accelerator

Could you use personalized business coaching from business leaders and mentors who have built and managed companies just like yours? RAMP is a 10-week intensive mentoring and training course immersing innovators in a highly engaged and interactive learning experience with business mentors, manufacturing experts and topical specialists who help participants achieve business success. RAMP companies may qualify for financial support during the program and preferred consideration for follow-on funding from RAMP partners without giving up any equity. For more information or to submit an application to join the next RAMP cohort contact UAMMI.

OKRs, Align Strategies and Execute Tasks

Frustrated that your organizational and personal goals are not achieving results? OKRs (or Objectives and Key Results) is a collaborative goal-setting tool used by organizations, teams and individuals to set challenging and ambitious objectives alongside measurable results.

Shingo Model Workshop

Are you struggling to find a way to instill permanent change in your organization? Organizations that anchor their improvement initiatives to principles — or understand the “why” behind the “how” and the “what” — experience significantly different results. The six Shingo Model™ workshops will put you on the path to lasting change.

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