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Welcome to CONNEX™ UTAH

Welcome to CONNEX™ UTAH, a part of the national CONNEX™ Marketplace. CONNEX™ UTAH is the premier supply chain database tool for the manufacturing industry that allows manufacturers to better connect with each other, be discovered, and increase business opportunities.

As part of a collaborative effort among many state and national partners, we provide complimentary access to CONNEX™ UTAH to all Utah manufacturers. Utah manufacturers who have a valid CONNEX™ UTAH account can also access the national CONNEX™ Marketplace with a subscription.

Manufacturers with both state and national level subscriptions have the ability to list detailed information, perform in-depth searches and exchange information regarding sourcing needs, requirements and opportunities.

NOTE: Basic search and contact information for Utah manufacturers is available to anyone via CONNEX™ UTAH public access, however the ability to list detailed information, perform in-depth searches, and exchange information regarding sourcing needs and opportunities is only available to validated Utah manufacturing organizations with a free account.

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CONNEX™ UTAH, the most advanced supply chain and manufacturing networking database tool ever assembled, connects the Utah and U.S. manufacturing supply chain and promotes domestic sourcing whenever possible.

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Connect With Each Other

CONNEX™ UTAH identifies in-state manufacturers, their certifications, and capacity. Not just a single NAICS or SIC code, but all the capabilities each company has to offer. This tool allows manufacturers to search for in-state manufacturers who are looking for parts, components, processes and sub-assemblies, including specific processes, capabilities, products, certifications, and equipment.

Be Discovered

CONNEX™ UTAH has the capability to highlight all your assets and certifications, capabilities, and other relevant industry information to help other manufacturers find you to integrate into their supply chain. You have the ability to update and control your company profile. You highlight your capabilities, certifications, and equipment that you would like potential companies to see.

Increase Business Opportunities

CONNEX™ UTAH was designed to help you grow your business by helping you find local suppliers and to help other companies find you. The platform has an Exchange Center that allows you to post and search for RFP’s, RFQ’s, and RFI’s in minutes. CONNEX™ UTAH also connects directly with the CONNEX Marketplace that was developed by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) to explore opportunities and suppliers on a national basis.

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Manufacturing supply chain, workforce, and exchange center connection solution


To manufacturers and those performing manufacturing and/or R&D in Utah


This online database serves to streamline critical connections between Utah manufacturers and businesses in need of their products


This revolutionary database is used to identify Utah manufacturers that can produce critical products for COVID and other emergency situations


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