ABOUT Engineered Walled Systems

Engineered Wall Systems (EWS), Inc., located in West Jordan, Utah, is dedicated to the design and fabrication of architectural cladding systems using two of the most popular materials in construction, aluminum composite material (ACM) and high pressure laminate phenolic exterior panels. With a staff of just over 30 employees, EWS offers architects, contractors and building owners a variety of tested and proven panel systems.


EWS recently obtained a new facility in Salt Lake and were very excited to expand their business. Since their product is specialized and must be of superior quality, one of the first things needed was to improve the processes of their line and make achievements in leaning down the time it takes to make their product. They heard of MEP Utah’s success with continuous improvement and signed up to undergo the Lean Journey with the MEP.


Engineered Wall Systems jumped on board the lean train to begin their journey towards improving production and eliminating waste. They attended several Lean 101s taught by the MEP which focused on the eight different wastes that are typical in manufacturing. Then they learned about different tools that will help eliminate these wastes in their facility. EWS took the concepts learned and applied them to their new facility. It was the perfect time to invest in the right way to improve processes. The results were encouraging and well worth the time spent.


  • 20 jobs created and 10 jobs retained that would have been lost
  • $80,000 in cost savings
  • $60,000 in savings on investments
  • $250,000 new investment in plant equipment for new facility

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