Since 1914, Halverson has built bulk materials handling, storage and processing systems and facilities. Located in Salt Lake City, UT, the company provides its clients with a turn-key project solution for any challenge including project management, design-build, steel fabrication, and maintenance and support. Because of their extensive network of relationships with engineers, consultants, equipment suppliers and subcontractors, as well as vast project experience and knowledge of the industry, Halverson and its 40 employees provide the finest design-build team to meet the needs of any client.


With the downturn of the economy and less demand for their products and services, Halverson wanted to focus on increasing the effectiveness of their sales process and improve selling skills. So they signed up with the Utah MEP, a NIST MEP affiliate, for sales training and transformation at their facility. Specific classes needed to be designed to help the company boost growth and improve their reach into new markets. In addition, they were motivated to save in their production costs and interested in focusing on the ability to still make money on small margin jobs.


An intensive 30-day transformation assessment helped create a clear vision and path for growing the company while systematically improving their processes. A system was set up for employees to be coached weekly on their goals, thus helping foster accountability and continued progress. Then they become part of the larger group that meet once a month to communicate important information, set new goals, and review past performance as a company.

Training focused on developing organizational skills, sales presentations, and interpersonal communication. The overarching goal was to achieve increased sales and bring in new business. In Halverson’s case this was also complimented with leaning processes so employees attended several Lean 101s. Part of this is making sure every piece of equipment on the floor has a place and that time, efficiency, and quality are the most important goals. By combining goals with concrete ways to improve production, as well as the creation of increased sales, they realized a winning combination to affect the bottom line of the company and have a great impact on revenues.

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