For over 30 years, Metalcraft Technologies has been a premier aerospace manufacturer of complex aircraft components and structural assemblies. They are a strong rural Utah employer in Iron County specializing in sheet metal fabrication, machining, and chemical processing, Metalcraft Technologies builds and supplies components to some of the most sophisticated aircraft flying today in the military, commercial and private aircraft sectors.


In 2020, Metalcraft noticed changing markets due to increased competition caused by COVID and its direct impact on commercial and business travel. Commercial airlines had canceled many orders during the year, and a large contractor cut its production rates dramatically. Metalcraft wanted to revise its bid estimating process, margin calculations, and formulas in order to remain competitive in a contracting market.


The company identified new bidding software that would greatly assist with the new needs. The Utah-MEP system, part of the MEP National NetworkTM, had allocated funding toward supporting this type of need. With a grant, Metalcraft was able to facilitate the purchase of software to organize their process for estimating part prices and gain efficiencies that enable them to quote more opportunities in order to compensate for a lower win rate.


  • $85,000 in cost savings annually
  • Greater ease and speed for the bidding process
  • Increased client satisfaction


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