ABOUT Jack’s Ornamental Iron:

Jack’s Ornamental Iron has been crafting beautiful metal works for over 25 years. They are trusted and recommended throughout the state because of their exceptional quality and customer service. The company is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, with approximately 25 employees. The Jack’s Ornamental team is dedicated to creating quality, on-time products, and complete customer satisfaction. For a trusted, reliable, and quality partner, Jack’s Ornamental is your source for success.


Jack’s Ornamental Iron is very employee conscious and remains focused on the ever enhanced and improved employee experience. Company leadership desired to find a way to make their employees feel good about where they worked and give them an environment they can be proud of. They were also looking for ways to optimize processes and efficiencies in the work they were doing. Because of this desire, Jack’s Ornamental Iron opted to have iMpact Utah, , a sub-recipient of the Utah-MEP and part of the MEP National NetworkTM, help implement a 5S program that would provide them with the needed skills to get the company headed in the right direction.


To have their employees trained and coached to better understand the 5S system and how implementing its principles will increase productivity and optimize processes. iMpact Utah embarked on a 4- month partnership with Jack’s Ornamental Iron to conduct their onsite 5S training with a select group of 10 employees who would become the company champions of the 5S program. Training sessions were conducted onsite with the Jacks team once a week for four hours a session over 12 weeks.


  • Estimated savings of $150/day or about $39,000/year in increased efficiency
  • A new investment of $500,000 for plant/equipment was done because of the increase in space
  • Decrease inventory cost by discarding old products, estimated savings $10,000
  • Freed up 50% of space for loading and unloading of products

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